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The Moblees are ready to move! Your child can play along with their favorite Moblee TV show characters in two exciting new mini-games.

In Zig-Zag Surprise, you must lead your Moblee through a thorny field of Prickly Pickles. Try your best to guide your Moblee around the Prickly Pickles on the path to your waiting Moblee friends. If you run into a Prickly Pickle, the “ouch” won’t hurt! Promise!!

In Night Bright Ball Kick, your favorite Moblees want you to kick their matching ball to them and then they will kick it right back to you! Hint: look at the ball in the thought bubble above your favorite Moblee’s head to help you find the ball that looks exactly the same.

Each game is fun, simple and replayable. Your child will enjoy interacting with their favorite Moblee TV characters while they continue to be encouraged to be active, adventurous and healthy.

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