I am a Moblee.
Healthy and strong!
I promise to move,
All day long!
Move, Mighty Moblees
Mighty Moblees Move!

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What You’ll Need

How to Play

Form a circle with all Moblees standing up. First, have a parent or caregiver be the Moblee Leader. After that, children can take turns being the leader. Help them explore different ways to Moblee Move throughout the game.

  1. Play the “Summertime Strut” song and have the children do their own Moblee Moves any way they want as they listen to the song all the way through once.
  2. Play the “Summertime Strut” again, and this time the Moblee Leader will call out different things/ people/ animals/ environments/ situations. The children must “Follow the Moblee” and move in the way the leader calls out.
  3. Move first in a circle, then in figure eights, or straight lines—depending on how much room there is.
  4. Feel free to create and combine environments/ people/ animals/ situations to make the game fun and exciting. There are no “wrong” ways to Moblee Move!

Summertime Strut 

Examples of Moblee Moving 

Invent your own silly movements in pretend locations! Always use encouraging exclamations, such as, “Great job Moblee Moving!”

Can be played inside or outside with two or more people. If played indoors, make sure to clear enough space to allow everyone to move without knocking into things

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