I am a Moblee.
Healthy and strong!
I promise to move,
All day long!
Move, Mighty Moblees
Mighty Moblees Move!

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Prep time: 5 minutes I Servings: 4 I Serving size: 1/4 cup

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This snack mix is full of tail-waggity goodness with fruits, nuts, and more! That’s why Dasha Dog can’t help but bark for joy every time she has it.


Note: You can vary the mix by adding some of your favourite ingredients. Try adding whole grain cereal (squares or Os work best), shaved coconut, or puffed whole grain rice. Use single-serving bags or containers to take this snack mix recipe on the go.

Equipment and Supplies:

Adult supervision required.


  1. Measure out ingredients
  2. Combine in large bowl

Nutrition Facts:



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