I am a Moblee.
Healthy and strong!
I promise to move,
All day long!
Move, Mighty Moblees
Mighty Moblees Move!

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Live Events

When The Moblees move they really MOVE! From fairs and festivals to shopping centres and promotional events, The Moblees are a live concert experience you and your kids won’t want to miss!

Critics Are Raving (and Moving) Too:

“Pop, reggae, do-wop and hip-hop all exert fresh influences in the show’s accomplished score. [The Moblees] can only bring smiles!”

-The New York Times

“They get kids to dance, stretch, and laugh their worries away. They’re a huge hit in the States…and the audiences here approve! You’ll probably be hearing a lot about [Bailey] Butterfly and her crew.”

-CBC News, BC

“A foot-tapping, calf-stretching show.”

-The Vancouver Sun

“AMAZING! The bright colors are captivating and the songs are catchy. I highly recommend you see this show!”

- A Time Out for Mommy

These wonderful reviews were originally written for performances by The Ohmies, which was simply the previous name of The Moblees.

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